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Tiger Paws

Tiger Paws


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Move Over Eye

We've always heard people talking about the eye of the tiger. We think that's pretty cool. Tigers have really awesome eyes... but what about their paws? We'd much rather have the paw of the tiger over the eye. You've seen their paws, haven't you? They have those ferocious claws and their signature tiger stripes and they're even covered in soft, fluffy-looking fur! That's much better than an eye. Maybe we should make our own song about that...

Anyways! We found a way that can actually give you the paw of the tiger. It's these Tiger Paw Gloves and they're the easiest way to indulge in your inner jungle cat.

Product Details

If you've ever dreamed of having the glorious paws of a tiger, then this is the costume accessory for you! These Tiger Paws are simple fleece gloves that are covered in the iconic stripes. The ends of the paws are tipped with felt claws that fierce big cat kind of look. Just slide them on your hands and you'll feel like prowling around like a real tiger. We recommend wearing them with one of our tiger costumes, but you can always just wear them on your next shopping trip to get yourself amped up for groceries!

Items Included
  • Pair of Mitts
Product Specifications
  • 100% polyester fleece & felt fabrics
  • Mitts have fleece backs, felt palms
  • Fingers are tipped w/ stiffened felt claws
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