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Spirits Gel

Spirits Gel


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PPI Spirits Gel is a thickened version of our definitive Matte Lace Adhesive. Originally developed and perfected for use on the 2012 Oscar winning film, Lincoln, PPI Spirits is a very strong, fast drying matted adhesive, suitable for all lace hair-goods, as well as appliances. It doesn't yellow the lace, create build-up or get crusty. This gelled version won't drip or run down your actors' face, as it stays where you put it. This product is cruelty-free and vegan approved. PPI Spirits (liquid) is available in our new Applicator Pen and in a 1 oz. bottle.

"PPI Spirits is really a great adhesive. It matts out well and doesn't get yellow or crusty the way other spirit gum adhesives do. It's just what we needed for Bad Grandpa." Steve Prouty - Oscar nominee 2014.
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