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Water-Melon Soul Food Kit

Water-Melon Soul Food Kit


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What's Included: Zomie bite wound, Alco-Activator, 2 duracolors, cotton swabs, and instructions.

Water-Melon: Water-Melon is a  water based plastic appliance material developed in 2002 by 25-year film and television makeup veteran Michael Davy. Appliances made with Water-Melon do not need adhesive but are blended with alcohol. The makeup provided is an Alco-Activated color called Duracolor, also developed by Michael Davy. Water-Melon prosthetic appliances are highly durable when applied properly and can even be worn underwater! They are waterproof but cleanup is only soap and water. No adhesives or removers necessary!

Preparation: Check the piece for proper alignment. Know where you want to apply it before you begin to glue it down and make sure you have an appropriate adhesive remover! Clean skin to remove any dirt and oils. For larger pieces, lengthy performances under hot lights or for people with heavy sweating you can use Top Guard or Dry Anti-Sweat under the prosthetics to reduce perspiration. 

Application: No adhesives are necessary when using Water-Melon prosthetics. Simply apply Alco-Activator liberally to the backside of the appliance and stick in place, press and hold for 10-15 seconds, enough time to let the alcohol work.

Blending:  Blend the edges using Alco-Activator, use your fingers and tap to remove any shine. Coat the surface of the appliance with Alco-Activator, this will clarify and soften the appliance. For wound prosthetics apply Alco-Activator to the inside of the wound to deepen it and make it look "meatier."

Makeup: Apply the darker red Duracolor to the inside of the wound, then apply the lighter red to the inside edges of the cut to add depth.

Blood: Apply red Duracolor as blood, use the Alco-Activator to wash and thin the blood.

Removal: To remove simply peel away the appliance. Clean the area with soap and water to remove any remaining color or residue. If you are careful removing the appliance it can be reapplied following the directions above.

Questions: If you have any questions or are unsure about any steps involved with applying a prosthetic appliance please feel free to contact us.

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