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Fortune Teller Sleeve Tattoo

Fortune Teller Sleeve Tattoo


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A 3 Piece Fortune Teller Sleeve Tattoo Without The Commitment!

Empower your self-expression or elevate your chosen character with these story telling sleeve tattoo designs.

Temporary Tattoos by Tinsley Transfers are the most realistic and durable temporary tattoos on the market. Created by Academy Award winning makeup artist Christien Tinsley to look ultra realistic on film and in person!

Our new sleeve tattoos are so easy to use! They come in 3 easy to apply pieces so you can place it however you choose. You are only limited by your imagination. We currently have three different versions of our sleeve tattoos.

So what make this temporary tattoo look real?

Aside from quality inks and manufacturing the true secret to a realistic looking temporary tattoo is in the design. We spend countless hours designing our neck tattoos to make sure they look like the ink is coming from inside the skin. Not simply sitting on top of it.

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