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Tinsley Renfield Dracula Bite Transfer

Tinsley Renfield Dracula Bite Transfer


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Dracula Bite – Renfield – 3D FX Transfers

Tinsley Transfers is proud to present the one of three officially licensed Universal Studios FX Transfers™ “Dracula Bite” from the film, Renfield. Tinsley Studio was proud to design and create the Makeup FX for the film and is equally as proud to bring these realistic prosthetic wounds and appliances to you. When Dracula from Renfield bites down, it’s going to leave a mark. This custom prosthetic was designed based on the design of Dracula’s teeth from the film and captures the horrific detail of a mouth full of fangs.

© Universal City Studios LLC. All rights Reserved.

So What Is A 3D Fx Transfer?

Ahh… the magic of the 3D FX Transfer!  With the 3D FX Transfer technology by Tinsley Transfers you can have it done in minutes. Think of it like a temporary tattoo… but 3D! The entire makeup just “transfers” to your skin leaving flawless invisible edges and looks completely real!

Pro tip! Don’t forget the blood! We offer a complete line of realistic, movie quality bloods. One of the most popular is the new  drying blood that stays looking wet but dries to the touch! Remember! Blood is an accessory, not the main look. A little goes a long way!

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