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Reel Quick Cover Medium Lite

Reel Quick Cover Medium Lite


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Reel Quik Cover are designed for a quick cover up for pimples, blemishes, scars, birthmarks, tattoos and other unsightly marks prior to applying makeup. Mix colors on the lid to match your skin tone. An economical package for the bride or for people who need a long lasting cover up for every day activities. After using Quik Cover you may apply your normal liquid makeup. You will find you need little to no touch ups.

Kit includes: mini palette with four colours, 0.5fl.oz/15ml developer, one small brush and instruction sheet.

Directions: Make sure skin is clean and free from dirt and oils. Use a drop of the Reel developer included in the kit or 99% isopropyl alcohol to activate the colors you want to use. If you need to do more than one coat be sure to allow each coat to dry before applying another, it is also recommended to apply a Sealer between coats to prevent the bottom layers from being reactivated. Colors can be used on their own or mixed together to create custom shades.
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