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Queen Elizabeth II Hat

Queen Elizabeth II Hat


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What's This?

Being ruler of Halloween Town is awesome, but what's wrong with wanting to explore a little bit? Or what's the problem with giving Sandy Claws a little break and deciding that your faithful subjects will be in charge of singing carols and making presents for you to distribute with your team of skeletal reindeer? Ok, your methods might be at fault - kidnapping is never the answer, after all - but your heart was in the right place and in the end you save the day and rediscover your love for Halloween. Everyone wins! 

Product Details

This officially licensed, exclusive Nightmare before Christmas Jack Skellington Latex Mask is the perfect accessory for your pumpkin king costume! The white mask covers your entire head, with eye holes in Jack's eye sockets so that you can see where you're going during your big musical numbers. Other details include skeletal nose holes and a black-painted grin with stitch detail.

The Best Holiday 

Even if you don't handle Christmas from here on out, you can still take what you learned and make your own holiday even more awesome. Try throwing snowballs instead of heads for a change, but never forget why Halloween is amazing! 

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