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ProAiir Hybrid Kits

ProAiir Hybrid Kits


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ProAiir Hybrid was developed with the professional makeup artist in mind for spray-ability, coverage, and durability. ProAiir can be applied with airbrush, sponge, or brush for the best in waterproof, smudge proof applications. Yet it's easily removed with liquid soap, baby oil, or makeup remover. Don't forget the great smell of green apples.

ProAiir Fluorescent colours, though incredible in many ways, are somewhat translucent but Atomics are more opaque! Atomic offers the best of both worlds with colours that go on opaque and are brilliant in both natural daylight and under black light.

Think of Atomic colours as amped-up primary colours with UV punch. Atomic colours dry bright and vibrant with one coat.

Shake very well before use. You can add a marble for mixing thoroughly. Can last 1-2 days when applied as directed. ProAiir will fade with daily wear. Apply to clean skin with no lotions for best durability. Can also be used on non-treated hair. No thinning required. Remove with makeup remover or liquid soap lathered into skin first, then rinse with water after. Clean airbrushes with 99% isopropyl alcohol.


Atomic Kit: Gamma Green, Radiation Red, Biohazard Blue, Uranium Yellow, Plutonium Pink and Isotope Orange.

Fluorescent KitFluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Purple, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Hot Pink, Fluorescent Orange, and Fluorescent Yellow

Primary Kit: Black, White, Lipstick Red, Electric Blue, Yellow, Bubblegum Pink.

Skintone Kit:  ST05, ST10, ST20, ST30, ST40, and ST50.

Unicorn Kit: Amethyst, Banana, Mint, Princess, Sherbet, Sky Blue

Zombie 2 Kit: Pale Dead, Blood Red, Scab, Pus, Vein, Dirt

Zombie 3: Old Blood, Bruise, Vascular, Ice, Corpse, Bone

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