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Ben Nye Buffer And Blender Brushes

Ben Nye Buffer And Blender Brushes


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Creme Buffer PBS-1 (Synthetic) Buffs creme base, contours and blush to a delicate, polished finish with densely packed silky fibers.


Bullet Blender PBS-2 (Synthetic) Full, round head and fine fibers provide controlled application and smooth blending.


Complexion Brush PBS-3 (Synthetic) Full, domed shape is perfect for subtle application of foundation, shimmer powders and blush.


Medium Fan PBS-4 (Goat and synthetic) Duo-fiber goat and synthetic hair provides light application of highlights and powder. Sweep away excess powder or “fall out” with feather-light bristles.


Feather Concealer PBS-5 (Synthetic) Creme makeup and concealer edges quickly disappear when blended with the feathered tips of this medium, paddle-shaped brush.


Stippling Foundation PBS-7 (Goat and synthetic) Round, flat top shape offers goat hair for body and a longer layer of wispy synthetic fibers for sheer blending of cremes or powders.

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