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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner


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Parian Spirit is a powerful brush cleaner and disinfectant that is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, making it powerful, yet environmentally friendly and gentle on brushes. The Parian Spirit refill bottles are great for refilling Canisters or Spray Bottles. There is also a convenient Wipe. It is recommended to keep a six month supply of brush cleaner on hand so choose a size that is suitable for your needs.

Just place your used brushes in a Parian Spirit and gently agitate and watch the makeup and residue settle to the bottom, it is recommended to use the refillable Canisters for this. Remove excess moisture from the brush by gently using a terry cloth or a paper towel and allow the brush to dry before using it again. Parian Spirit will also help to condition your natural hair brushes and return them to their natural sheen and luster.

Extensive lab testing has shown Parian Spirit to be a strong disinfectant. It takes approximately 1 minute of immersion to disinfect a brush thoroughly (sprays are not as effective as immersion). Disinfecting is not the same as sterilizing. It is possible to achieve a higher level of disinfecting by allowing brushes to soak for 5 minutes, which will kill most bacteria on the brush.

The drying time varies from between brushes depending on the size and the type of bristles, but in general Parian Spirit is a moderately fast-drying cleaner. The speed up the drying time use a terry cloth or paper towel to absorb most of the moisture, then quickly roll the brush between your palms to allow air to circulate through the bristles. If drying time is limited it is recommended to use the 2oz Spray Bottles instead of submerging the brush in Parian Spirit. 

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