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PaintGlow BioBlends Biodegradable Glitter

PaintGlow BioBlends Biodegradable Glitter


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PaintGlow BioBlends Biodegradable Glitters are beautiful colour blends that not only look fantastic but are also ocean friendly, meaning you can sparkle and shimmer whilst still doing your bit for the environment. Coming in a 3g pot, all manufactured in the UK, a little pot goes a long way - so stand out from the crowd without affecting the environment. Use an adhesive to fix the glitter to the face or body.

Cruelty Free  -  Allergen Free  -  Compost Home Certified  -  Marine and waste biodegradable  -  Perfect for festivals, parties & nights out.

Paint Glow Bio-glitter is made from biodegradable plant cellulose film from sustainably farmed trees (mainly Eucalyptus). The plant cellulose is dyed with cosmetic grade dyes. It is then covered in the tiniest amount of metal to give it it's shine which makes it 30 to 40% softer than polyester glitter. It complies with EU and FDA cosmetic regulations and EU Toy regulations.

Caution: Please be extra careful if applying glitter near the eyes and mouth. If using bio glitter with solvents always test first (because it is plant based it may not work with some nail applications).

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