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Nurturing Force - Seal The Deal

Nurturing Force - Seal The Deal


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Seal The Deal Eyes™ Liner + Shadow Sealer by Nurturing Force.

A unique sealer that replaces water for cake eyeliner.
Seal The Deal is a 
Mixing Medium that can be mixed with almost any powder to create a liquid liner or watercolor medium. It can also be used over powders and gels to create a safe formula that holds eye products longer. May be used as a Brow Sealer. Great for keeping Glitter in place too.
Developed to be extra clean and safe for the delicate eye area.  Mix with Foundation and create a matching Concealer.
The dropper top allows for easy mixing to create the opaqueness or sheerness you desire. 
Aloe Vera is the first ingredient, so it has moisturizing benefits with no sealer stiffness.

 - Vegan Formula
 - No Parabens
 - Silicone Free
 - No Acrylate

Feel, See & Sense the Difference™ 

0.22 Fl. Oz. / 6.5 mL Dropper Bottle

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