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WM Creations Stacolor - Lip

WM Creations Stacolor - Lip


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Temporary coloring for the skin which can be applied translucent or opaque. Used to cover blemishes, color gelatin or silicone appliances or to give the illusion of bruising and soreness. May be airbrushed without thinning.

For optimum adhesion, clean skin with 70% or 99% Alcohol. Stacolors must be shaken thoroughly before use to maintain color consistency. Dispense into an open container and apply to skin with a stipple sponge, pre-cut sponge, brush, or cotton tipped applicators. Stacolors may be thinned or re-activated, when dry, with 99% Alcohol. Remove with Isopropyl Myristate, Super Solv, or Baby Oil.


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