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Kryolan Magic Blood Powder

Kryolan Magic Blood Powder


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Kryolan Magic Blood Powder allows you to realistically simulate the sudden appearance of bleeding wounds and blood effects.

Application: apply a thin, even layer blood powder with a Brush or Powder Puff to clean, dry skin in the desired area. Blood powder should be virtually invisible. Then the object intended to inflict the wound is coated with a wet medium for example Glycerin diluted with water. The object is then placed in contact with the skin coated in blood powder. A trickle of blood will immediately appear with the amount depending on the amount of moisture applied.
Removal: wash off with soap and water. Blood powder can temporarily stain skin, to prevent staining coat skin with a barrier like Top Guard or Barrier Spray before applying blood powder.

Size: 0.3gm

Caution: blood powder is made from soluble colouring materials that cannot be removed from fabrics. Keep away from clothing, furniture and other porous surfaces. To prevent staining to skin it is recommended to use a barrier between skin and blood powder.

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