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Kryolan Liquid Metallic

Kryolan Liquid Metallic


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Liquid Body Make-up is an emulsion with especially light viscosity. Therefore it is well suited for quick application on large areas with a sponge and for creating a subtle color shine. Its aqueous based resins provide excellent adhesion. Liquid Body Make-up is shaken and then applied using a damp fine pored synthetic sponge.

Liquid paints are fairly durable once they are dry but will reactivate and run if they come in contact with water or excessive perspiration. There is a variety of Makeup Sealers you can use to help protect your designs from transfer to clothing or running. You can also use 10% Final Seal to thin the paint instead of water when you are airbrushing.

Liquid paints can easily be removed with soap and water or with a gentle Makeup Remover.

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