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Green Marble SeLr Concentrate

Green Marble SeLr Concentrate


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Green Marble Concentrate is a powerful tool when used in conjunction with Attagel and the Skin Illustrator alcohol activated makeups for realistic colouring.

Mix 1 part Attagel with 3-6 parts Green Marble Concentrate depending on desired consistency. A 1-6 ratio works well as a fine-line wrinkler when used lightly.
The only facial prepping necessary is to remove fine hairs and lightly wipe the face with Witch Hazel. To prevent lashes from sticking while you work, apply AF Thinner to lashes with a mascara wand before application begins. For ease of application and to control alcohol fumes around the eyes, It is preferred to recline an actor in a chair. However, you may find a combination of prone and upright works best for you.

When beginning the process, think stretch and brush instead of stretch and stipple. Repairs are made with either 99% alcohol or Telesis thinner. Patching is done with more ager material. The preferred method is to use a flat white, synthetic bristle brush (between 3/8' to 1' in width, depending on the area to be aged). The application changes only in the tool by which you put the Selr to the skin. Use brush strokes that will complement the direction of wrinkles. For best results, apply 1 to 4 layers, depending on your variables. Be sure to Powder your last stipple layer before releasing.
While aging the face in sections, be careful not to come down too close to the mouth in the nasolabial area. This allows too much material to build up around the mobile area, causing a constant need for repair. Remember to keep your fingertips Powdered at all times.

Depending on the thickness and placement of the ager, areas of the face may crack or flake, creating a look of severe damage. Do not panic. This usually happens around the mouth, just before or after lunch and near wrap. Repairs can be done quickly and easily by using any of the following three methods:

  1. Paint 99% alcohol in the direction of the wrinkles.
  2. Apply Telesis 5 thinner and/or acetone (faster) with a brush. Then apply Green Marble Selr (use a brush, sponge or spray).
  3. Apply the original ager material.


The best removal technique to date, to dissolve Green Marble materials, involves the use of IPM Gel (or Isopropyl Myristate), massaged with the fingers, into the skin. In addition, the finger massage technique works exceptionally well around the eyes and is more comfortable for the actor.

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