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Glitter Me Up Holographic Chunky Gel

Glitter Me Up Holographic Chunky Gel


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Create a look that’s out of this world with our vegan & cruelty free Holographic Glitter Gels. The high intensity pigments in the gels create a bold, holographic shine. Making these glitters perfect for festivals, parties or just to add some glitter to your everyday makeup look.

Application couldn’t be easier with these festival ready glitters. The pre-mixed formula means no glue is needed. Simply squeeze the product out of its packaging and apply the glitter gel to the desired place for an iridescent shine.

The gel is easy to apply and lasts hours! Providing long lasting looks that will sparkle into the night. Don’t worry about removal though. Just apply warm soapy water and you can create your next fantasy look.

Our 50ml size is perfect for those who love the glitter look and love. Apply the product all over to create your own unique style.
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