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Glazing Gels

Glazing Gels


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Glazing Gels are a collection of water based transparent colors which allow you to do bruise and injury work directly onto the skin. Designed for extreme close-up work, Glazing Gels wear exceptionally well for the demands of High Definition Film and Television work. From subtle to over the top, Glazing Gels allow you to create realistic sunburn, freckles, shadows and illnesses that look like they're 'in' the skin, not 'on' the skin.

Ready to use right out of the bottle, Glazing Gel colours offers and endless variety of effect possibilities. The age of HD is here, and no matter what is asked of you, it has to look great.

Apply pigment with fingers or with a Brush in a patting motion. Allow pigment to sit longer for darker effects. Colours are inter-mixable. Use Glazing Gel Re-Mover for redistribution and removal.

Easily manipulate or remove Glazing Gels after they have dried with Glazing Gel Mover. When used in conjunction with Green Marble Sealers, Glazing Gels will help you create waterproof works of art!

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