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Lip Injections Glam Gore Transfer

Lip Injections Glam Gore Transfer


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It doesn’t matter what you call it, Lip Injections, Lip Fillers, Botox Lips, Botched Lip Surgery you come to the same conclusion. This is a really great and horrifying dress up choice. Our exceptionally easy FX Transfer prosthetics and our Glam Gore line including Blood FX gives you everything you need to complete your Halloween or dress up terror.

Lip Injection – Glam Gore Kit

This Lip Injection Glam Gore 3D Transfer Kit comes with everything you need to achieve professional makeup results in just a few minutes. The kit provides you with lip prosthetics that give you that post lip injection, Botox, Lip Filler look. The Blood Fx is also provided in. case you want to gore up the botched lip filler look. It applies with just water. Completely latex free and requires no messy or harsh adhesives.

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