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Ben Nye 14g Creme Color Wheels

Ben Nye 14g Creme Color Wheels


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Creme Wheels are a remarkable artistic resource to create burns, bruises, aging, and other character effects. Red and purple shades are formulated in new high-intensity “ultimate effect” formula. Achieve a thin “stain” by blending with several drops of alcohol on a brush. 


Apply to the skin with a sponge, fingertip, or synthetic brush such as our Texture Brushes. Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder to retain brilliance and resist perspiration. Use a palette and spatula to mix tones together for custom blends and unique combinations. 

To create a bruise, start by identifying the age of the bruise being replicated. Utilize the red tones to create a fresh bruise and mix in the purple tones to start aging it. Apply darkest colors where blood would pool up under the skin’s surface. Introduce blue to signify the peak age of bruising, while the yellow and green tones can be used to mimic the end of a bruise’s life cycle and indicate that the bruise is healing. 

For exceptionally subtle detail, mix colors with a small amount of foundation or concealer.

Removal: Gently wipe off makeup with Quick Cleanse on a cotton pad. Wash off residue with soap and water, oil-free Hydra Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

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