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Reel Creations Child Body Art Kit

Reel Creations Child Body Art Kit


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Reel Body Art Kits are designed for creating mulitple long lasting tattoos. Its small and portable so you can carry it with you to churches, fairs, parties and anywhere you can think of! Reel Colors are water resistant and usually require little or no touch ups.

Kit includes: four 0.25fl.oz/7ml bottles of liquid colors (black #1, red #2, yellow #3, blue #4) for painting or airbrushing, 0.5fl.oz/7ml developer, one small brush, alcohol swabs, one page of transfers (23 tattoos) and instruction sheet.

Directions: clean area prior to use to remove any dirts and oils using an alcohol pad. While the skin is still damp apply the stencil face down, make sure the transter paper becomes moist. Carefully dry the transfer and peel away the paper starting at one corner. Then use the brush supplied to color in your design. When you are finished powder the design and dab with a water damp sponge to make the color pop. To remove you may use Reel Developer to soften and begin to dissolve Reel Color, then wash with soap and water. It is recommended to use a good moisturizer after as the product can dry with skin.

Be sure to read all directions and warnings carefully before use.
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