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Cowboy Boot Adhesive Stencil

Cowboy Boot Adhesive Stencil


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Get perfect designs every time with adhesive stencils! Great for use with face and body paint for for glitter tattoos. Easy to use because they stick to the skin.

Directions: Peel off the white backing from the stencil. Apply to clean, dry skin then peel away the protective clear cover sheet.

For face and body paint: Carefully apply Face and Body Paint to negative area of the stencil, allow to dry partially then gently remove the stencil.

For glitter tattoos: Apply a thin layer of adhesive like Pros-Aide or Amerikan Body Art Body Glue and allow it to air dry for a moment until it is clear and tacky, then apply Glitter and gently remove the stencil, dust off excess glitter.

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