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Dirtworks Dirty Waters

Dirtworks Dirty Waters


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Dirtworks Dirtywaters is a water based formula that will dry and stay in place. Unlike the Dirtworks Grime Sprays, which are designed to never fully dry allowing them to migrate into the crooks and crevices of the skin. Dirtywaters contains a mild FDA Acrylic resin that holds the dirt's in place until you are ready to remove them with soap and water. This buildable color can give the subtle look of rough complexion or build to a heavy soiling.

DIRTWORKS GRIME SPRAYS are a coordinated system of colored dirt sprays that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. Use alone or with the Dirtworks Grime Powders to create a variety of "dirty" makeups. They also blend well with all the Skin Illustrator Palettes and Liquids, Glazing Gels and Glazing Sprays.
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