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Diamond Kiss Hair Root Jewels

Diamond Kiss Hair Root Jewels


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Perfect for festivals, parties or whenever you’re feeling that little bit extra! It’s time to bring on the sparkle with our range of easy to apply, reusable face jewels. These unique designs feature a range of glamorous themes and colours, taking your look that extra step towards catching everyone’s attention.

Cosmetically certified, jewel stickers are easy to apply and remove. Simply peel off from the packaging and apply to a clean face – or wherever you desire. The long lasting jewels are made from colourful crystal rhinestones and acrylic diamonds, with all jewels being suitable for reuse. The pre-made pieces ensure that you get a flawless and professional look that adheres smoothly and comfortably to your skin.

With no animal derived ingredients included in the formula and a strong stance against testing on animals, we’re proud to say that these products are completely vegan and cruelty free.

So stand out from the crowd! We know you want to.

You can count on: A collection of pre-made pieces that give you a flawless and professional look and glide smoothly and comfortably to your skin.

You won’t find: That you’re worrying about your outfit – it’s all about the face accessories now!

Lift the face jewels gently away from the clear backing, pulling carefully along the glue line. Place the jewels in the desired position and press down gently into place. Apply makeup and glitter around the jewels to complete your look. Gently peel away from the skin and remove. Warning: Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not apply to injured, infected skin. Store in a cool, dry place.

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