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Deluxe Magic Trick Set

Deluxe Magic Trick Set


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Linking Rings (rings magically link and unlink), Tapered Cards (the magician magically brings the spectator's card to the top of the deck), Thumb Tip (magically produce, then vanish a silk handkerchief from your bare hands),  Crystal Coin Case (a coin is trapped in a case and the case is wrapped in a hanky - yet the coin still vanishes),  Multiplying Balls (balls multiply and vanish at your fingertips),  Miracle Dice (five dice randomly placed in a box are shaken and they change their order to all the same number and more),  Color Changing Silk (a silk changes color before your spectator's eyes),  Sponge Ball To Cube (sponge balls multiply, vanish, appear and change shape).  Includes instructions. Ages 8+

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