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Ben Nye Lip Palettes

Ben Nye Lip Palettes


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STP-30 One-For-All Lip Palette: The One-For-All Lip Palette features 12 of Ben Nye's freshly reimagined lip colors in a convenient pocket-sized refillable palette. Consisting of four diverse nude, pink, and red tones, you will never be stuck without the right shade again. Mix lip colors together for unlimited customization possibilities.

Whether you’re creating a classic red lip, a moody pout, or a sleek ombre lip, the One-For-All Palette keeps you fully equipped to handle any style of makeup. The rich creamy base makes these lip colors long lasting, and gives them a semi-matte finish. A must-have product for any bridal, film, or fashion makeup artist.

STP-31 All-For-One Lip Palette: Artists often use more than one color to finish lips and Ben Nye's palette offers unlimited options. Twelve blendable shades include nudes, pinks and reds. 

STP-35 All Red Lip Palette: Nothing beats a red lip and the All Red Lip Color Palette gives you a wealth of choices to make it perfect.

The rich creamy base makes these lip colors long lasting, and gives them a semi-matte finish. It’s a must-have product for any fashion, film, or bridal artist.

16gm/0.56oz. Expect 30-60 applications per shade.


LSP-1 Natural, LSP-20 Fashion, LSP-4 Nude, LSP-6 Red:

These Lip Color Palette each contain six creamy, long-wearing lip colors. 

The compact size and selection make it ideal for makeup artists working in Glamour, Bridal, and Broadcast. It includes a brush and all palette shades are available as refills.

10.2 gm./0.36 oz. – Expect 30-60 applications per shade


Apply colors to lips with a brush in smooth, even brush strokes. Using a palette and spatula, you can mix two or more shades to create your ideal shade. 

For subtle lip colors, apply lightly to the center of the lips and feather outward. For glamorous makeup, consider buffing a small amount of these creme lip colors into the cheeks for a unified complexion.

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