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Billy Bob Werewolf Teeth

Billy Bob Werewolf Teeth


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Werewolf Teeth
Howl at the moon with these custom fitted Werewolf Teeth! Each set comes with a fitting material so they perfectly fit on your teeth without messy glues or adhesives! Looking for more Halloween style teeth? Then you need to go over to our Halloween Teeth Section! Another popular seller is the Vampire Teeth.

How Do They Work?
All of our Billy Bob Teeth are specially made to custom fit to your own teeth. We provide a unique fitting material that makes these goofy teeth fit over your own teeth perfectly without using any glue or adhesives! Simply heat the material in hot water and place on the back of the Billy Bob Teeth. Gently bite down allowing the material to cool and form a perfect impression of your own teeth! Now you can pop them in and out whenver you want.

Are They Re-Usable?
Absolutely! Once your custom Billy Bob Teeth are fitted you can use them over and over for years to come! If the fit ever becomes loose you can reheat the material and refit them at anytime.


1. Empty the packet of fitting plastic beads (white beads) into a cup of very hot water. If the water is hot, the fitting plastic will turn clear in 30 seconds.

2. Once the fitting plastic is clear, remove it with a spoon.

3. Form the clear fitting plastic into a "clear worm" shape with your fingers.

4. Press the "clear worm" into the "troft" of the Billy-Bob teeth, located on the back side.

5. Press a small amount of the "clear worm" thru the holes.

6. In front of a mirror, use both hands and force the Billy-Bob teeth over your teeth. Use your thumbs to "tuck" the excess fitting plastic behind your teeth, then ease them out of your mouth.



*Before you heat up the plastic fitting beads, warm the teeth themselves in hot water and shape the teeth shell around your upper teeth. This way the Billy-Bob teeth will match the curvature (Yeah, that's a real big word) of your mouth.

**You can re-heat and re-fit Billy-Bob teeth as many times as you want... Billy-Bob teeth might make you sound "Reel Edu-Micated" but they should fit like a glove! In very rare cases you may need to purchase additional Tooth Fitting Plastic Beads to get that perfect fit.



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