Billy Bob Betty Teeth

Billy Bob Betty Teeth

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1. Empty the packet of fitting plastic beads (white beads) into a cup of very hot water. If the water is hot, the fitting plastic will turn clear in 30 seconds.

2. Once the fitting plastic is clear, remove it with a spoon.

3. Form the clear fitting plastic into a "clear worm" shape with your fingers.

4. Press the "clear worm" into the "troft" of the Billy-Bob teeth, located on the back side.

5. Press a small amount of the "clear worm" thru the holes.

6. In front of a mirror, use both hands and force the Billy-Bob teeth over your teeth. Use your thumbs to "tuck" the excess fitting plastic behind your teeth, then ease them out of your mouth.



*Before you heat up the plastic fitting beads, warm the teeth themselves in hot water and shape the teeth shell around your upper teeth. This way the Billy-Bob teeth will match the curvature (Yeah, that's a real big word) of your mouth.

**You can re-heat and re-fit Billy-Bob teeth as many times as you want... Billy-Bob teeth might make you sound "Reel Edu-Micated" but they should fit like a glove! In very rare cases you may need to purchase additional Tooth Fitting Plastic Beads to get that perfect fit.