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Ben Nye 18 Colour Creme Palettes

Ben Nye 18 Colour Creme Palettes


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Diverse Harmony MatteHD Foundation Palette - features 18 of our most universally applicable foundation shades that will allow you to accommodate a wide range of skin tones. Formulated with 38-40% pigment, these creme foundations achieve desired results with the least amount of product. The matte finish appears natural on camera and requires minimal powder to set.

Pigments in our foundations are milled to a micro-fine consistency which makes them perform wonderfully under an HD camera. It’s a brilliant resource and value for any bridal, runway, editorial, film, or broadcast TV makeup artist to have in their kit. 

HDFP-10 – 69gm/2.4oz. Expect 30-50 applications per shade.

Concealer & Adjuster Palette - a comprehensive selection of concealer and neutralizer shades that will cover you in just about any job you could have. The professional formula is designed to erase discolorations, blemishes, and dark circles from the skin with ease. 

The colors are full-coverage and easy to blend into the skin and with other creme formulas. It is ideal for use by makeup artists working in bridal, fashion, film, television, and photography.

HDAP-1 – 71gm./2.5oz. Expect 40-60 applications per shade.

Ultimate FX Palette -  features 18 essential and versatile creme colors for creating injury simulations, contouring and highlighting character makeup, and visually impactful effects for any form of media. Use these creme colors directly on the skin, or on sealed prosthetic appliances.

This palette comes packed with a broad spectrum of densely pigmented FX Creme colors, and a built-in acrylic mixing palette that allows you to blend custom tones with ease. The endless creative possibilities of this palette lend itself to any editorial, special effects, theatrical, cosplay, or fashion-based makeup artist.  

Expect 20-40 applications per shade.

Lumière Creme - This 18-color palette includes a vast range of our Lumière Creme colors in a sleek black case with a built-in acrylic mixing palette. It offers a spectrum of earthy-toned shimmers and vibrant illuminating jewel tones that elevate beauty and fantasy makeup with out-of-this-world brilliance. 

With deep pans, this palette provides artists with all the shimmer they will need to accomplish endless makeup designs. This palette is a wonderful resource for any fashion, editorial, fantasy, festival, or drag makeup artist.

LCP-1 – 64gm./2.25oz. Expect 25-80 applications per shade.

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