Acrylbond Adhesive and Remover Kit

Acrylbond Adhesive and Remover Kit

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  • Water based adhesive
  • No Solvents or chemical smell
  • Superior strength over spirit gum
  • Safe and Non Toxic

Never use Spirit Gum again!

The new water based adhesive from Tinsley Transfers. This glue is here to replace your Halloween spirit gum. Imagine a glue that is easier to use, safe on your skin, no solvents and superior adhesion. Well, imagine no more, Acrylbond FX is here.

Why Acrylbond?

The honest answer is because spirit gum sucks. Spirit gum has been manufactured since the late 1800’s and not much has changed. Spirit gum and the removers are alcohol or acetone solvent based and can be EXTREMELY Harsh on the skin. I don’t know about you, but you probably don’t like the idea of smearing acetone on your face. Yeah, neither do we.

Acrylbond is super strong! It’s easier to work with than spirit gum. It works FANTASTIC with all latex and foam latex appliances and even works with silicone! So kick spirit gum to the curb and move on to a water based solution by the experts at Tinsley Transfers!