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4 Minute Plaster Bandages

4 Minute Plaster Bandages


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7.5cm x 2.7m

Immerse the bandage in 22-25°C water at a 45 degree slant for 3-5 seconds only. At the same time apply just sufficient grip to retain the plastic inner core and yet permit the water to flow readily though both ends. 

Note: change the water periodically. Never allow the water to become "creamy" as this will interfere with correct wetting-out.

After bubbling has ceased (3-5 seconds) remove the bandage from the water and squeeze the ends towards each other using the thumb and forefinger of each hand to expel excess moisture. The bandage is designed to be squeezed firmly, thus more moisture can be removed from the bandage without plaster loss during soaking and squeezing. The greater the amount of excess water expelled, the sooner the cast will resist stress and attain its maximum strength.

Do not cover the cast, allow air to circulate freely around the cast to hasten moisture to escape. Drying times are as follows:

Formula Approx. Setting Time
Extra Fast (2 min) 2 - 2.5 minutes
Fast (4 min) 2 - 3.5 minutes

Avoid applying overly thick cast. Insure adequate air circulation around the cast.  Avoid over wrapping or covering freshly applied cast. Do not use too warm of dipping water or allow dipping water to become "creamy." Do not place freshly applied cast on a pillow or mattress.

CAUTION: the setting process of Plaster of Paris bandages dives off heat, usually reaching a maximum temperature within 15 minutes of application. Because of heat Plaster of Paris should not be in direct contact with he skin during setting and damage could occur.

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