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3rd Degree Structure

3rd Degree Structure


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3rd Degree Structure is a polymerized compound that when mixed with 3rd Degree Component A will thicken 3rd Degree and allow you to sculpt it more easily, with the added benefit of a quicker cure time!

  • Polymerized compound to thicken 3rd Degree
  • Makes it easier to sculpt and shape
  • Helps to quicken the cure time

Alcone's 3rd Degree Structure is a unique thickening agent that can be mixed into 3rd Degree to make it thicker and easier to sculpt with, it has the added benefit of helping it to cure faster.

Mix 1-2 drops into Part A of 3rd Degree to create a thicker consistency which will adhere less making it perfect for creating 3D effects on the skin. The more you add, the thicker it becomes & the less it self adheres.

For optimum results, apply 3rd Degree Primer to the skin first to prep the area.

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