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3rd Degree Kit

3rd Degree Kit


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Ultimate injury simulation! Third Degree is a unique silicone prosthetic material with limitless applications for the professional make-up artist. It is simply the highest quality 'out of the kit' build up material available.

Effects and prosthetics can be built directly onto the skin. Once the two compounds come together they cure in about five minutes. Pieces can even been peeled off and reused.

Before you begin: make sure you have everything you need before you begin the process. Do not use latex products of any kind while 3rd degree is in its uncured state, that includes latex cosmetic sponges or latex gloves.

Directions: for best results use over 3rd Degree Primer. Mix equal amounts of parts A and B, only mix what you need so it doesn't harden before you use it. Be very careful not to cross contaminate the product in the jars, it is recommended to use disposable wooden sticks to prevent accidentally dipping into the wrong jar. Apply mixed product directly to clean, oil-free skin and use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a brush to smooth and model the material. Once both compounds are mixed together they cure and harden in about 5 minutes or you can use a blow dryer on a low setting to accelerate the curing process. Once it has set it can be painted with almost any kind of makeup. Carefully peel of piece from skin to remove.

Reuse: pieces made from 3rd Degree can be peeled off skin and reused by applying with a small amount of 3rd Degree or with an adhesive like Sigma Bond.

Attention: be very careful not to cross contaminate the two components, once they touch they begin to harden. Do not allow it to come in contact with latex while in an uncured state, including latex cosmetic sponges and gloves. Read all instructions before you begin.

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