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2011 Gentleman's Moustache

2011 Gentleman's Moustache


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Comes with one piece of double sided tape for adhesive, you can purchase additional adhesive if you need to apply more than once.

'Lampshade' style moustache, 100% Human Hair, with straight bottom and sides.

Moustaches are not self-adhesive. Apply with one of the following options:
Spirit Gum & Remover: most common adhesive for lace hairpieces such as moustaches and beards. Available in a convenient adhesive and remover pack. Has a long-lasting hold and is sweat resistant. Needs a remover to take off.
Double-Sided Tape: quick and easy to apply and remove. Excess sweating or consumption of alcohol may affect the adhesion. Does not need a remover to take off.
Telesis: products like Silicone Matte Lace Adhesive or Sigma Bond are usually only for professional film or theatre productions. Must have Telesis remover to take off.

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