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Inflatable Horse

Inflatable Horse


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The Horse costume is one iconic costume that can prove a little difficult sometimes but we've completely revolutionised it - our Horse Giant Inflatable Costume is the new way to do a Horse costume! No need to put your mate through the hell of being the back-end, you can be a back-end all by yourself!

Here at MorphCostumes, we love us some weird costumes that a lot of people haven't seen before. With our Inflatable T-Rex costume taking over the internet and our Pick Me Up Inflatable costumes on the rise, we wished to create another form of awesome inflatable costume - hence the birth of our Giant range!

How the costume works: step into the costume and turn on the fan, wait for the costume to inflate which will only take a minute or so, then boom! Your Horse Inflatable Costume is ready to go! The fan is powered by 4 AA batteries which should last 4+ hours. We don’t include batteries with this costume. Sorry about that!


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