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Extreme Zombie FX Make Up Workshop - September 26, 2024

Extreme Zombie FX Make Up Workshop - September 26, 2024


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Thursday September 26, 2024 6:30-9:30

$50.00  (includes all necessary product)

Zombie makeup is actually a practical as well as fun workshop because it involves learning contouring skills that you can use for other character makeups and you learn a little trauma as well. Essentially you learn several different makeup techniques in one workshop. And get to be a Zombie!

This workshop will include the following procedures:

Contouring with cream makeups using sponges and brushes.

3D torn skin application using latex and tissue.

Bruising techniques.

Proper powdering techniques.

Blood application using coagulated blood.

Discussion of proper hygiene techniques as well as safe application and removal of products will be covered in detail.

Participant will apply all the above procedures to a model or to them self, intermittently, during the demonstration.

There will also be a demonstration of tooth and mouth colour. 

Please check on any potential allergy issues (latex for instance) prior to the class so an alternative can be provided if necessary.

Both you and your model should dress appropriately, it can get messy!

It is a tradition that we always demonstrate a surprise "gross out effect" at the end of the workshop and this one will be no exception!!

A group photo sounds like a great idea!                

There will be a Special Mystery Make Up Gift drawn randomly at the end of the workshop for one of the participants!

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